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On the machine lubricants to meet the performance requirements of

On the machine lubricants to meet the performance requirements of

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Development and research tool main drive system CAD software, what is flexible AC transmission technology? Same frequency vibration fault diagnosis mold control to achieve the latest trends 
Development and research tool main drive system CAD software, what is flexible AC transmission technology? Same frequency vibration fault diagnosis mold control to achieve the latest trends in precision injection molding technology to deal with the EPA's diesel emissions small CNC lathe turning handle processing.
Machine Tool Research single screw clamp locking wedge and fine-tune the structure of the domestic anti-loose construction of the first large-scale use of domestic steel tank leaves film hole EDM process, revitalize the equipment manufacturing industry to enhance the status of CAD / CAM Software Selection indicators and their weights successful development of automobile frames Handan Iron and Steel hot rolled coil how to design thread cutter to meet the requirements of customers to improve productivity?
Dispersed engine lubricating performance to meet the oxidation produces good heat resistance suitable viscosity lubricant viscosity good relations to the extent of wear of the engine starter fuel oil consumption power loss in the size of the oil viscosity is too large liquidity into the fuel consumption increases mechanical friction time wear clean cooling increases the viscosity is too small can not form a seal film can not maintain a reliable power decrease the viscosity of the lubricating seal wear too much.
(1) Machine appropriate viscosity and good heat resistance on the viscosity of lubricating oil to the starting resistance, the power consumption and wear of mechanical damage, the size of the fuel and the engine lubricating oil. Oil viscosity is too large, poor mobility, it takes a long time to enter the friction surface, will increase fuel consumption, increase engine wear, cleaning and cooling of the poor, but good sealing; viscosity is too small, can not form a reliable film, can not keep lubrication, poor sealing, wear and power down. Therefore, the viscosity is too large, too small is not good, it should be appropriate. Engine oil applications operating temperature range is very wide, at about 300 ℃ requirements to ensure it has sufficient viscosity lubrication; below 0 ℃, -40 ℃ even when the requirements it has enough liquidity to ensure a smooth start. It requires good viscosity characteristics and temperature resistance.
(2) the spread of good clean sludge and other lubrication system to produce excessive dirt will precipitate from the oil, causing the oil filter and plug the hole, oil poor mobility, sticking piston rings, fuel oil consumption increases, the power reduction and other phenomena . To prevent these failures, we must add the detergent-soluble dispersants in lubricating oils. Clean dispersant is divided into metal type detergent and ashless dispersant. Among them, metal type detergent dispersant to prevent sludge deposits piston ring grooves, good clean area of the piston ring ability, when used individually as detergents; ash-free detergent to prevent sludge ring groove poor, but scattered strong ability to promote sludge in oil, sometimes referred to individually as a dispersing agent. Both preferably in combination.
(3) good lubricity big machine engines are sliding bearings, but also to withstand the heavy load, such as the main bearings for the 5 "10MPa (steam) and 10-20MPa (CHAI), connecting rod bearings 7-14Mpa (steam) and 12-15MPa (CHAI), the individual components can reach 90MPa. engine oil under high load, high-pressure conditions, must have good lubricity.
(4) acid resistance, and in particular diesel fuel contains a large amount of sulfur component, water, acid gases produced by combustion and to form a solution such as sulfuric acid or sulfurous acid. These acids will have metal corrosion within the engine. Therefore, a lubricating oil having excellent acid neutralizing capacity, reduce acidic substances produced by the combustion engine damage.
(5) oxidation and thermal oxidation good oil will combine with oxygen at high temperatures, the oxidation deterioration resultant failure of the lubricant, which is one of the main causes of many failures of the engine. Lubricants in 1234 should add a variety of anti-oxidant additives to prevent oxidation deterioration.
(6) good resistance to foaming machine due to the strong stirring and splash lubrication of the crankshaft, lubricating oil tends to generate bubbles, the lubricating performance, and can lead to pump failure. Therefore, the lubricating oil must be added to the product good foam inhibitors, inhibit the generation of the bubble, the effect of the lubricant oil.

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