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Promote the development of the machine tool industry demand for welding technology

Promote the development of the machine tool industry demand for welding technology

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With the rapid development of the machine tool industry, the development of welding technology welding machine tools along with the application structure and developed
With the rapid development of the machine tool industry, the development of welding technology welding machine tools along with the application structure and developed, metal-cutting machine tools, forging machinery and casting machinery products are the main areas of the machine tool industry welding technology applications. Welding machine firmly with the technical quality of the structure has a close relationship.
Welding technology has gradually developed into a leading technology machine tool industry, which is mainly reflected in the following aspects:
(A) part of the backbone enterprises to establish a welding shop or metal structure plant of a certain size, and the establishment of a complete welding management system, and assimilate the welding technology standard introduced products.
(2) improve the welding process, from raw material to make it become a pretreatment, cutting off material from a single development process, forming, welding, post-weld and post-weld treatment to detect emerging set of comprehensive engineering technology.
(3) Computer programming CNC precision cutting and nesting technology has been applied.
(4) promote the use of CO2-rich gas and argon gas welding or submerged arc welding and other advanced and efficient new technology.
(5) the widespread adoption of X-ray inspection and ultrasonic nondestructive testing and other means to stabilize the intrinsic quality of the weld.
(6) the promotion of the VSR new technology, and both reached the lower residual stress of welded structures aim to reduce the deformation of welded parts, stable accuracy.
At present, the main application of the machine tool industry welding technology in the following areas: steel pretreatment technology applications; CNC cutting technology applications; application of high efficiency gas shielded arc welding welding technology. Among them, high-efficiency gas shielded arc welding welding technology has been widely used in the machine bed, gear, eccentric, rocker shaft, cylinder, not processed after welding pipe flanges and cover other parts, has become the machine tool industry one of the main process of welding.
With machine tools welded structures more and more applications to welding on behalf of casting, forging generation to weld to weld on behalf of the cutting has become the general trend machine manufacturing, machine tool manufacturers can not do without welding. Currently, the machine tool industry is moving efficient welding technology, CNC, automatic direction. Machine tool industry toward a higher direction, welding technology is no exception.

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