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Bar Straightening Machine safety technology which

Bar Straightening Machine safety technology which

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1. Workers must wear a helmet, gloves, wear rubber-soled shoes.
1. Workers must wear a helmet, gloves, wear rubber-soled shoes.
2. Should be checked before the job straightening steel mounting bracket with a winch, components connecting bolts, anchor is solid, whether rotating parts plus a good grease, electrical wiring box is intact, no damage, then zero protection is reliable, shock protection action if sensitive, both ends of the fixture should be no damage.
3. Straight tone reinforced within 10 ~ 20m along the length of both sides of 2m prohibited area, and set the guard stopped nursing, hanging safety signs.
4. Artificial lift steel plate on reels 6,4, 3 to 4 people should cooperate with each other and someone conductor.
5. The length of each straightened steel, not more than 6m, the ends of the gripper in prison before starting winches were straightening, straightening growth of about 60 ~ When 100cm, immediately press the stop button to shut down, not with the inverted switch.
6. In straightening block is not fixed, the front hood is not covered not feeding. Do not turn on each job shields adjust the gap.
7. After straightening should relax tension, prevent a rebound off wounding.
8. Artificial lift reinforced when the job straight after transposition not touch, touch and pressure of high and low voltage power cables.
9. Work should always pay attention to the bearing temperature exceeds 60 ℃, it must identify the reasons for downtime.
10. Were straightening work, not allowed to unrelated persons standing nearby machinery, steel tray when finished on the fast, to prevent reinforcement end wounded people.
11. When in operation, such as found in the transmission part of the abnormal circumstances or different sound, you should immediately shut down, wind up off the power, the report machine repair overhaul, no unauthorized access.
12. After the job or in case of a power outage, you should wind up cut off the power lock switch box.
Above all finishing work according to the problem encountered in the actual participants made ​​reference, any questions, please timely communication, correct me.

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