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Domestic CNC machine tools and CNC world gap analysis tool CNC machine tools to accelerate the pace of upgrades

Domestic CNC machine tools and CNC world gap analysis tool CNC machine tools to accelerate the pace of upgrades

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China's CNC machine tool industry after decades of continuous development, especially in recent years benefited from the strong support of major projects of national science and technology

China's CNC machine tool industry after decades of continuous development, especially in recent years benefited from the strong support of major projects of national science and technology, CNC machine tools to accelerate the pace of upgrades, the emergence of a large number of innovations in high-end CNC machine tools, forming a good foundation for the development. However, product quality, product development, applications research, branding, marketing, professional services and other aspects, in particular the ability to provide users with complete solutions in areas still have a long way to go.

The current development of the world's major high-precision CNC machine tools and precision of retention, high speed and high efficiency, high reliability, several trends, complex and flexible, green and intelligent and so on. Among them, intelligence is the general direction of the 21st century manufacturing technology development. Intelligent machine control so that it has the ability to adapt and optimize the machining process can be realized in the shortest time to reach the optimum processing quality, thereby improving processing efficiency, reduce labor intensity.

Domestic CNC machine tools and CNC machine tools in the world Gap Analysis

At present, China CNC machine is in a rapid phase of ascension. In recent years, high-end CNC machine tools for the manufacture of varieties of aviation, aerospace, automotive, marine and power generation equipment, research and development has reached more than 100 species, but compared with foreign advanced machine tool manufacturers there is a large gap.

First, the manufacturing equipment and management techniques backward, product quality and reliability is not high. Less variety of precision manufacturing equipment, precision low retention, high level of automation and environmental protection are not poor. Good quality companies is not enough to deepen awareness, quality security system is not perfect, the quality of management capacity is weak, etc., become poor corporate manufactured product quality, reliability and accuracy to maintain a major cause of bad.

Second, the level of technology and innovation capacity is not high, the product as a whole less competitive. Source stage of CNC machine tools most advanced technology is through the introduction of foreign advanced technology, digestion and absorption, but also in technology to track the overall state of digestion, absorption, and improved investment is not enough. Efficient, flexible, precision machine tools and key features host design technology, manufacturing technology, testing technology, integrated technology research and technological aspects of the user's own research and development capabilities to be strengthened, high-performance CNC systems and intelligent technology is not mature enough; technology low standard level, the industry is not comprehensive enough to implement; product performance and reliability is not high, brand value is low, the impact of market competitiveness.

Third, specialization supporting system and features CNC system is imperfect, is still dependent on imports. CNC machine functions and performance play a decisive role in the high-end CNC systems, precision spindle power and other key features, with independent intellectual property rights of advanced core technologies yet to be developed, they could not form a complete technology chain and industrial chain, professional division of labor is not clear, it is difficult to meet the application requirements of high-end CNC machine tools, has the majority still rely on foreign imports.

Fourth, the manufacturing process and the application process resource consumption, comprehensive utilization of lower machine. CNC machine tool manufacturing process, is a product of the raw materials into the process through energy and resource consumption. Because the machine tool industry is relatively backward manufacturing equipment, technology is not advanced enough and the management level is not high, so low machining accuracy, long working hours, increased rate of unqualified products and waste; manufacturing process, power consumption is large, low resource utilization throughout the production process, leading to high manufacturing costs.

Meanwhile, fewer lightweight design technology, lack of energy-saving products and harmless considerations, leading product in the course of a comprehensive energy and material consumption, pollutant emissions are still high; coupled with the cutting process optimization and user-process research has not done enough to make the comprehensive utilization of the machine is low.

Fifth , the lower the level of service and quality of service, the ability to provide total solutions to be enhanced. CNC machine tools are high-value, long life products, users purchase frequency is low, resulting in many machine tool companies and light heavy marketing services, ignoring the importance of product quality and production efficiency. Coupled with their own management capacity and poor execution, and lack of a good brand support, low value-added products and product service levels, unable to drive corporate profit growth.

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